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Friday, July 31, 2009


surviving the rain :: make a boat!

had it been raining cats and dogs in your 'hood, too? because here in New England it's getting ridiculous. in between spells of rain we go to the beach at the nearby lake. we stay until the rainclouds start to threaten. invariably we talk about the boats we see. some fast. some slow. all wonderful!

then daddy comes home with this really big box that held some fancy equipment in it and bb says, "daddy, can this be my boat?" well, YEAH! of course.

they started to decorate it which required the BIIIIIG box of crayons. my girl's got her boots on incase it gets wet out there!

coloring the boat happens daily. little more here. little more there. the badminton racquets are the oars, of course.

mommy decided it needed a sail, so i got a big wooden tomato stake and a rainbow silk and viola!
ready to sail. we packed a little lunch in a basket and off they went. so far, they have been to China, Nashville and Cape Cod. who knows what's next!

what are you doing to pass the indoor time? i'm always up for new ideas!

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Anonymous gardenmama said...

cute : ) we have some serious 'box cities' going over here as well! What a fabulous boat, we have the same rainbow silk it has seen some great play these rainy days!

August 2, 2009 at 4:06 PM  

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