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Monday, July 27, 2009



when we visited the beach cottage, i endeavored to not bring much in the way of toys/books/things to do. i really wanted the experience to be about being in nature. and in general, i'm sort of looking to move more and more toward less is more when it comes to playthings. sure, i want them to enjoy themselves and to have "things" they like a lot, but i find it so much more rewarding to see them create with what they have. to watch my son build with blocks or logs is so much fun. he can create these amazing worlds.

so, at the cottage there was this little ceramic box that my daughter found. it had about 12-15 coins in it. she loved taking the top off and on and off and on. soon, my son found some golf tees and some sea shells and soon they had a full-fledged game going on.


so, for the next hour i heard, "mommy, look at our treasures!" they arranged them in cups and in a jewelry box, took them for rides on his log truck, poured them from this container to that container to the floor and on.

and i marveled at just how little they need in the way of toys and "stuff." they had the BEST time, just giggling over these treasures.

so, when we go home, we put together 2 jars of treasures. one for each of them. they contain buttons, shells, "jewels", marbles, stones, little sculpey beads and creatures, tiny pine cones and any other little treasure-like thing we come across.

they will play with these all morning some days. and given our strange summer weather, we need stuff to do indoors. it rains for part of just about every day!

now, of course, the treasures are all mixed up and we have no idea whose is whose. but they don't mind. they just love putting them in new vessels or separating out all of one kind or all the blue things. it's adorable. i love it.

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Anonymous gardenmama said...

Adorable photos!
The simple things do make the best toys! : )

July 27, 2009 at 9:51 PM  

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