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Saturday, August 1, 2009


impromptu summer picnic

finally, a gorgeous rain-free day! can it be?
we spent most of the day at the beach and then settled in to the late afternoon backyard blanket for some quiet time.
i love it when there are moments where we are all together and quietly, busily working in our own space on something creative. it's divine. with an active toddler this can sometimes be hard to find, but lately we seem to find it more and more.
today we sat on a blanket and had some family drawing/coloring time.
it's restorative for me to sit and draw my little flowery doodles, so imagine it is for them, too.
when my son asked, "mommy, can we eat outside tonight?"
how could i say anything but "absolutely!" given how little we have been able to do so, it'd be a crime not to. so, we looked at our table on the deck. then we looked at the picnic table in the grass. and decided the picnic blanket was the place to be. so a picnic dinner it was!
fish, potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms. all done on the grill. and so very yummy!
(i come from alabama with a blessing on my knee. . .)
for dessert :: peach crisp.
the recipe can be found in this fabulous book :: Feeding The Whole Family (see sidebar). LOVE it. great ideas, great recipes and i love the tone of the book. serious about eating well and eating whole, but a playful style. go get a copy! i have to return mine to the library, so i'll be off to order one, too.
sadly, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. . . i wonder what we'll do. . .

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Anonymous beth - total mom haircut said...

I made peach crisp for the first time this summer when we got a bag full from the CSA. OHMYGOSH that stuff is GOOD.

I'm starting to see some Soulemama influence in your photography:) Very lovely.

August 21, 2009 at 10:12 AM  

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