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Thursday, September 10, 2009


handmade home :: letter satchels!

well, i had so much fun doing the Treasure Bags from Handmade Home, that i had to get on with the next project that was calling my name.

BB has a friend next door. a good neighbor who is only about 6 months older then him, and they played together a lot for a couple of years. sadly, jesse moved away recently. they decided that they would be great pen pals, so when i was flipping thru Handmade Home and saw Ezra's Letter Satchels, i knew what the next project needed to soon as we could, BB and i got ourselves to the fabric store to get some fabric that would be just the right thing for our project. we also decided to make a Satchel for his cousin Abbey who he loves to write to. it was a tall order to get a some fabric that he thought would please himself, jesse and abbey, too!

but alas, we found something suitable. and when we got home he set about writing the tags for them which i then embroidered. he's knew at writing, but has recently started to really love sitting down and learning new letters. i think he did a fab job! and so did i for that matter. as a newbie sewer, i was pretty pleased with how i did.i can't wait to see his satchel brimming with cards and letter from his friends and family!

next project :: Hot Pads!

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Anonymous gardenmama said...

great job kate!
sweet project : )

September 16, 2009 at 9:23 PM  

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