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Monday, September 28, 2009


saying goodbye to summer :: chowder time!

we decided to give summer a good send-off by making our own clam chowder. every new englander who enjoys being the kitchen has gotta learn to do this, right? right.

both my kids LOVED the numerous bowls we had when visiting the Cape this summer, so i knew we had to get our own chowder on. it was time.
if you have ever read my blog you know that some of my favorite moments with my children are when we are in the kitchen together. i love so much working side-by-side on a meal or baking something warm and yummy.
we have sweet little conversations about school or how we can't wait to do all the autumnal things we love. . . or we play little word games. it's special time. to connect. i love it. and my boy is very proud of his chopping skills!
we made an awesome chowder and i'd show it to you, but we snarfed it down so fast, i never got a picture of it.

BB loved the whole process of washing the clams, steaming them, pulling them out of the shell. he was fascinated. and i felt like i would have made my Gram proud teaching him.

now we're really read. bring on Autumn!

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