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Monday, October 5, 2009


Cookie Carnival :: October Challenge!

it's Carnival time again! thanks to all of you who participated in the September challenge. the round-up will be on the blog really soon--maybe even later today.

for October i have chosen a recipe that i have been eyeing for a long time. finally it jumped out as the right one for this month. i hope you agree that it sounds like a good fall cookie. and it will be fun to make, too, i think.


this month we'll be baking up Giada's Chocolate Citrus Biscotti. the recipe can be found here. and *bonus!* there's a video too. i haven't watched it yet, but i'm sure it's helpful.

a couple other things to mention--please make sure to follow the file naming and sizing protocol as it pertains to submitting photos. i know there's a couple of you who haven't figured out re-sizing, but if you can work it out that'd be great. check the FAQs for how to name files.

also--always send the link to me even if it's later than the deadline. many times i'm running behind and can still include you. i always will if i can! that being said, the deadline is 7PM EST on OCT. 31! boo!

thanks and happy october everyone.

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Blogger Jules Someone said...

Yeah! So excited about this recipe!

October 8, 2009 at 12:18 AM  

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