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Monday, November 2, 2009


Cookie Carnival :: October Round up and November Cookie

another month down! and we did this one in style, ladies. i loved this biscotti from giada. it was classy, tasty and slightly addictive, i found.

sadly i have no pictures to share. i can't talk about it. digital camera debacle, let's just say.

thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge. it was a low turn-out, but we got some really pretty looking biscotti here....

**for the november challenge head down to the bottom of the post**

karen of short bread south had this to say, "Fun, festive, addictively crunchy and just right for the Holidays." read the rest of her post here.

gala of purple cookie used white chocolate and had this to say,"I loved the combination of both lemon and orange zest with white chocolate... " read her post here.

stormie of bite size baker had this to say, "This is a recipe I plan on baking again and again. It was absolutely wonderful." read her post here.

tessa of cookin' chemist had this to say, "biscotti is a new venture for me. In fact, every single recipe I've made along with the other bakers in the Cookie Carnival has been a new recipe." yay! that's the spirit! read her post here.

nathalie of Snowbell Jewelry played along even tho she has a major citrus/chocolate aversion--thanks for trying something new nathalie! read her post here.

juliana of horneAndo Algo made up a pretty batch of biscotti. read her post here.

sabiilaa participated this month, but her blog post wouldn't work for some reason, so sadly, i have no link for you.

christine at whimsical bakery played along this month-- read her post here.

after putting it to a vote, we have a winning cookie for November. i'm totally psyched because if this one hadn't won, i would have had to make it anyway :: PECAN PIE COOKIES! thanks to Jen from Beantown Baker for submitting that one! you can find the recipe on her blog.

last year i took January off from the Carnival and realized later that i should have taken December. everyone was so busy in December (including me) that we didn't have much of a Carnival, so i'll be taking December off this year. because of that, i'm extending the November challenge into December.

so, send me your photo and link by DECEMBER 5th @ 7PM EST to be included in the round-up!

now let's go make some pecan pie! cookies!

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Blogger stephchows said...

great job everyone! I still want to make these at some point! why do the months keep sneaking by me!?

November 4, 2009 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Oh yay, there's still time for me to make my pecan pie cookies! Somehow November just got away from me (another month that has flown by...again). Can't wait to see everyone's posts!

December 2, 2009 at 8:11 AM  

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