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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


watching him build

one of my favorite things going on in our house lately is the building that BB does. he got a new set of blocks for his birthday this summer and since then he has been working on these amazing layouts. little places for his trucks to tuck in or expansive tracks for his trains to roll through. it's awesome!

after he's finished one he loves to talk me through it. "when he's tired he goes back home over
here to sleep, mommy."

somedays something new emerges. he figures out a new way to use the blocks and that opens up new possibilities for the world. he gets very proud. i love that.


Monday, September 28, 2009


saying goodbye to summer :: chowder time!

we decided to give summer a good send-off by making our own clam chowder. every new englander who enjoys being the kitchen has gotta learn to do this, right? right.

both my kids LOVED the numerous bowls we had when visiting the Cape this summer, so i knew we had to get our own chowder on. it was time.
if you have ever read my blog you know that some of my favorite moments with my children are when we are in the kitchen together. i love so much working side-by-side on a meal or baking something warm and yummy.
we have sweet little conversations about school or how we can't wait to do all the autumnal things we love. . . or we play little word games. it's special time. to connect. i love it. and my boy is very proud of his chopping skills!
we made an awesome chowder and i'd show it to you, but we snarfed it down so fast, i never got a picture of it.

BB loved the whole process of washing the clams, steaming them, pulling them out of the shell. he was fascinated. and i felt like i would have made my Gram proud teaching him.

now we're really read. bring on Autumn!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


woweeee! i won!

i'm so excited! our Fairy Garden won the challenge over at The Magic Onions!

for those who don't know, it was a random-drawing contest where anyone who wanted to join in made a fairy garden with their little ones, posted about it and sent the link on to The Onions to be added to the group contest.

it was such fun! the best part is the PRIZE! a gift certificate to her Etsy shop!!!! i had the pleasure of shopping there earlier in the month for a birthday gift for my daughter. i chose this beautiful pumpkin mouse.
but i have to say, it was hard--very hard--to choose. everything in the shop is adorable, sweet, lovingly made and inspirational to me. luckily, i chose well. she loves her mousey and his house. so, head on over to the shop. be inspired. buy something handmade for a holiday gift (you can never start to early!)

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Monday, September 21, 2009


she is 2

it's hard to believe. my baby is TWO! how did that happen? i'm not sure. but i am sure that she is rock steady. a true joy. a good pal. and a vibrant soul who i am honored to know. she's my sweet girl and we were so delighted to have a birthday celebration for her last weekend.

here she is in her new cowgirl boots! she looooooves footwear. and ice cream cones and chocolate chips. these are her passions. that's m'girl. i made her this little shirt to wear on her special day.

her cake. combining 2 of her favorite things seemed like a total no-brainer. she loved it, so that always makes a mama happy!

we made her a book of photos detailing her second year. becoming a tradition now. although this year we added a caterpillar on every page. she has to find him. it's fun to see her search him out. "dare e is! on mommy's head! silly cat-a-pillar!"

her brother shows off her new dress.

snuggying up to her new kitty.

it's such fun to celebrate with little ones. to make them smile is just the best thing.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


handmade home :: letter satchels!

well, i had so much fun doing the Treasure Bags from Handmade Home, that i had to get on with the next project that was calling my name.

BB has a friend next door. a good neighbor who is only about 6 months older then him, and they played together a lot for a couple of years. sadly, jesse moved away recently. they decided that they would be great pen pals, so when i was flipping thru Handmade Home and saw Ezra's Letter Satchels, i knew what the next project needed to soon as we could, BB and i got ourselves to the fabric store to get some fabric that would be just the right thing for our project. we also decided to make a Satchel for his cousin Abbey who he loves to write to. it was a tall order to get a some fabric that he thought would please himself, jesse and abbey, too!

but alas, we found something suitable. and when we got home he set about writing the tags for them which i then embroidered. he's knew at writing, but has recently started to really love sitting down and learning new letters. i think he did a fab job! and so did i for that matter. as a newbie sewer, i was pretty pleased with how i did.i can't wait to see his satchel brimming with cards and letter from his friends and family!

next project :: Hot Pads!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


a beach fairy garden!

i warn you now. this post contains a lot of pictures. why? because we are ever-so-proud of our latest creation!

a fairy garden. or as BB calls it, "a BEACHY fairy garden." i admit, i have wanted to do this with him all summer, however, summer being as busy as it is, i needed a little motivation to actually get on with it. and then it came.

have you been to The Magic Onions blog? if not, go! it's such a treat! the Onions are offering a challenge. make an awesome fairy garden and win a Gift Certificate to her Etsy shop. that's all i needed to hear! enter :: motivation! i love love love her creations and am in the process of toiling over what to get for my daughter's upcoming birthday. there are too many sweet things to choose from.

but back to the garden! i highly recommend it as a project you and your child can really sink into. at first BB wanted to do it all in one day. he couldn't understand why i would want to do it a little at a time. but soon he saw that with new days came new ideas and we could "go back to the canvas" and tweak it or "see" new things based on what we did the previous day. it was a joy. . . as long as mommy doesn't get too invested in it looking a certain way. i really let him guide it. i would build the furniture and he would place it. he decided colors and placement of it all. somethings (like the bed headboard) were all his idea from conception to glue to placing it.

wish us luck in the contest!

the completed garden....

the beginning. . . dirt and a big shell for a swimming pool.

first we planted. we just used some nice green plants we found growing in our yard. then we put in the sand and started to lay down the path. . .

a little bird watches over things...

a canopy in case it's just too sunny!

a double fairy bed so they can have sleepover parties!

a swing for those lazy afternoons...

this little shell was BB's idea. "mommy, if someone is coming and the fairy wants to hide, she can jump into this shell!"

if you decide to make your own, do send us a link! we love to look at what other folks are creating.

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Monday, September 7, 2009


Cookie Carnival :: September Challenge!

hey folks!

i'm so sorry this is coming to you so late! egad. september is already getting away from me. how'd that happen?

i'll keep this brief. . . this month we're goin' to Martha for something yummy. i'm a sucker for coconut and chocolate. i hope you are too.

join me in making Black Bottom Coconut Bars! YES. just the sound of them is making me feel a sugar rush.

the recipe is here.

the round-up due date is September 30th, 7PM EST. get me your link and your photo by then and you are in!



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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


9 years ago today. . .

i married my sweetie. 18 years ago i met him. i wake up every morning feeling so grateful for him.

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