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Friday, October 30, 2009


hey-ho, halloween time!

we're getting ready. are you?

i love the celebrate holidays. and in particular, the seasons. halloween, however, is not a favorite. i could skip it all together and be just fine with it. i feel a little like i have to participate because everyone else is. can't really keep the kids from the candy and dressing up when the whole neighborhood is at it!

so, i'm trying to embrace it for the sake of the munchkins. . . and i do love the pumpkin carving! that's the best part. (and all the Milky Ways i can snag from my son's bag of loot when it's all said and done!)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Acorn :: a new friend

we have a new friend in the house! his name is Acorn. sometimes Acorn Buddy or Acorn Kitty or Cornway Kitty. we are prone to nicknaming around here. he's a love. we're so happy to have him running around the house playing with anything that moves. . . and somethings that don't.

i could do without the 4am play sessions, but what can you do? look at that face!?

we made him a bed with some felt balls and his own little acorn toy. i'm happy to say that he likes it a lot. which is fun because you never know. kitties sometimes prefer recycling bins or laundry baskets. and he fits perfectly in there. for now.

*oh!* he makes fall more fun.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


help me get a blog job!

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e

hi folks!

as many of you know, i'm trying to land in the top 20 of the "Good Mood Gig Talent Search" put on by SAM-e. the ultimate "prize" is a job blogging about my good mood and why life is awesome for 6 months. and it pays really well.

i've been transforming myself over the past 6 months. my focus has been on expressing joy and finding joy in every moment. when it comes to most of my life, this is not hard to do, but when it comes to finances. not so easy. how can you find joy and peace when the bills are so hard to pay? but therein lies the secret. you have to do it anyway. feel the joy of life despite what may be going "wrong." if i get this job, i'll be blogging about that very thing. and sharing how it has changed my life to think this way.

however. . .

i can't do it without help from my friends, family, and you. . . my blogging community! i need votes. i must obtain a place in the top 20! and fast!

i am asking you to vote for me. EVERY DAY if you can until October 31st. and i'm doing a little giveaway. here is how it works!

:: mention me in a blog post, link to my GOOD MOOD GIG (you can grab the badge up above) profile page and ask folks to vote! then leave make sure you put the DIRECT LINK TO OUR POST below (thanks, mr. linky!) and you are IN!

:: the prize :: a $25 Gift Certificate to the Etsy store of your choice (let's support the handmade movement!) as i'm sure you know, you can get just about anything at Etsy. . . pottery, jewelry, hand crafted toys and more!

:: i will draw a name randomly on NOVEMBER 1st!

:: if i GET THE JOB (not just place in the top 20, but then go on to get the gig) i will do a second drawing for $100 GC at your favorite Etsy store

thanks it! easy-peasy! i thank you in advance for helping me try to do this. you can't imagine how psyched i would be to get into the top 20!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


handmade home :: hat!

one of the projects i was most excited to try my hand at in Soulemama's Handmade Home was the sweater hats.
i started experimenting a bit (just a wee bit) with felting old wool sweaters last winter and making hats was definitely of interest, but it always seemed complicated to me somehow. how could i make a hat that would actually FIT? and not look all wonky t'boot?
then i got my copy of Handmade Home and thought, "it's time to give it a try!" as i started to look at the instructions, i got all the way to step 2 before getting confused! ah well. thankfully, amanda started a group on Flickr where we can all upload pictures of our creations. so, i asked some questions in the forum and was lucky enough to get help right from amanda herself. so, yay! now step 2 made more sense. and i completed a hat.
and it's TOO SMALL! boo.
i'm not deterred, though. i shall try again and until then i'll pass along this first one to a friend whose little girl could use it.
onward! there must be more sweaters lying around i can felt. . .

POP! right off her head....

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


autumnal fun :: hikes & leaves

i love fall. here in our corner of new england it's particularly spectacular in october. the whole world changes color. it's truly awesome.

we've been taking full advantage by going out and hiking the trails! and when we are home, we are leaf pile jumping. the kids love being outside and i'm right there with them. soon enough we'll be homebound and the snow will fly. and the world will change color once again.

for now. . . we walk.

and take in the amazing sight of the falls.

2 of my peeps.

in the back yard. how fast can you run!?

o, that smell. a good pile of autumn leaves! love. it.

my 2 cuties in the leaves laughing their heads off! aching cheeks and all.

how are you celebrating fall?

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Thursday, October 8, 2009


handmade home :: hot pads

i am having the most fun with Amanda Soule's book Handmade Home. i'm working my way through the projects that i think i can handle. first i did the treasure bags. then the letter satchel and now i'm all about the hot pads.

first i worked these up with some scrap butterfly fabric. i'm thinking holiday gifts....
then i had to do some for autumn/halloween. because i found this fabric down at the local quilt shop and could not resist. could you?
i'm not sure which project to tackle next! it's so fun to look on flickr and see what other folks have come up with....what about you? any holiday crafts in the works?

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Monday, October 5, 2009


Cookie Carnival :: September Round up!

yay! it's round-up time. i love so much reading your posts and seeing all the photos of your cookies...and your families enjoying them.

the sad truth (or is it happy?) around here is that i'm the only one who eats coconut. so, i had all these bad boys all to myself. yes. this is dangerous. i forced myself to freeze a bunch.

i thought they were yummy. my only complaint, if you can call it that, was the layer of chocolate. i'd like something chocolatier in flavor, but also more of it. maybe i would double the chocolate part next time.
i'm running out of time today, so if you are interested in the recipe, click any of the links below as most people have the recipe as part of their post.

anyway, on to you all.....please alert me to any mistakes--i did this one quickly! THANKS everyone!

the fabulous holly of Phemomenon is back rockin' the september cookie. she had this to say, "What did I love about these cookies? Pretty much everything." me too, man, me too. read her post here.

sallie of My Sister's Kitchen played along this month for the first time! read her post here.

tami of Tami's Kitchen Table Talk offers a good note, "I thought that they tasted much better once the bars were completely cooled." read her post here.

carol of No Reason Needed had this to say, "Super easy to make with a great taste to boot, these cookies hit the spot." read her post here.

christine of Whimsical Bakery participated this month. read her post here.

jackie of Food Wanderlust had this to say,"I could have though enjoy just the black bottom part by itself!"chocolate lover! read her post here.

jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes played along this month. her photography is always i treat in itself! read her post here.

june of Sweet TheraPie thinks the chocolate layer could use doubling. i like that idea, i have to say. read her post here.

tiffiny of Bake-Off Flunkie has some really sweet process pics in her post.... read here!

carrie of Carrie's Sweet Life was not blown away by these, but she's a trooper and i love it when she participates. read her post here.

Candy Girl called these "a must try for coconut lovers." i have to agree. and i do loooooove coconut! read her post here.

leah of Lllovelies. read her post here.

steph at Plain Chicken has a suuuuuper cute blog! read her post here.

rachelle of Mommy, I'm Hungry! read her post here.

tessa of Cooking Chemist admits she would not have chosen this recipe on her own, but ended up liking the bars. it's a goal at the Carnival to get us all to try new things! so yay! read her post here.

pamela of Cookie with Boys takes her cookies the gym. hmmm..... read her post here.

april of Abbey Sweets said the topping was "kind of like a Mounds candy bar in brownie form." sound like goodness to me! read her post here.

natalie of Snowbell Jewelry has (in addition to beautiful cookie/bars) some really puuuurty jewelry for sale! read her post here.

karen of Karen's Cookies, Cakes and More made these into cupcakes! brilliant! read her post here.

stormie of Bite-Sized Baker played along this month. she has a suuuuuuper cute blog! read her post here.

cindy of Them Floyds participated for the first time this month and being the only one in her family who likes coconut, she had these bad boys all to herself. read her post here.

kim of Kim's Kitchen Kapers is new to the Carnival. read her post here.

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Cookie Carnival :: October Challenge!

it's Carnival time again! thanks to all of you who participated in the September challenge. the round-up will be on the blog really soon--maybe even later today.

for October i have chosen a recipe that i have been eyeing for a long time. finally it jumped out as the right one for this month. i hope you agree that it sounds like a good fall cookie. and it will be fun to make, too, i think.


this month we'll be baking up Giada's Chocolate Citrus Biscotti. the recipe can be found here. and *bonus!* there's a video too. i haven't watched it yet, but i'm sure it's helpful.

a couple other things to mention--please make sure to follow the file naming and sizing protocol as it pertains to submitting photos. i know there's a couple of you who haven't figured out re-sizing, but if you can work it out that'd be great. check the FAQs for how to name files.

also--always send the link to me even if it's later than the deadline. many times i'm running behind and can still include you. i always will if i can! that being said, the deadline is 7PM EST on OCT. 31! boo!

thanks and happy october everyone.

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