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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


december rewind no. 5 {handmade holiday}

this little project was one of the easiest while also being really successful. which is such a bonus! there is just nothing better than putting time, thought and love into a gift and have it really work out how you hoped.

both my kids love these little bracelets. they were hidden way in their stockings. a sweet little surprise from the mama. i had to be sure to tell them that santa was not the one who left these as they have seen this wool around the house for days. bb spotted it right away.
all these bracelets consist of is felted balls which became beads. and other little, special beads from a fabulous bead store near by. for my girl, i wanted ice cream cones. but all i could find were cupcakes. totally acceptable! i'm happy to say it's now january 19th and she still wears this every day! hooray for that! she really likes it!
for my boy, i did blue felted beads (his favorite color) and added square silver beads with his initials.
the hardest part was tying the knot once i strung them on to the stretchy cord. that stuff is slippery! but, once i got it, it stayed. thankfully.
this would be a great project to do WITH your kids as well as for them. they can wet felt these little beads and choose their own accent beads and even string them with a blunt needle. a great rainy/snowy day project!

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