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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


december rewind no. 6 {handmade holiday}

january is coming to a close and so is the december rewind. i have one more project after this one to share, which is probably my favorite. i hope to get it posted before february comes.
this little project is one of have seen on other blogs....or at least something similar. i took what i had been seeing around and also tutorial in a favorite book that i often get from the library called Warm Fuzzies by the fab Betz White. perhaps some of you follow her blog. she's awesome. totally inspirational if you are into the crafty world.
this is a great fall project. mine started that way, by felting up the acorns. i collected the caps on a hike with friends in the fall (thanks eve and tim!) and then wet felted the nut to accompany it.

i wish i had process pictures, but i was lucky to remember to even take these. i used an actual oak leaf found outside my son's school. we have no oaks in our yard! i traced the leaf onto the felt and stitched right on the line. easy peasy. that stripey back is just some fabric from my stash that was ironed on with fusible webbing.
nice thing about this project is it's for the tree at the holidays or just about anywhere else you want to put them in the fall.

it's funny how things go...acorns have been a bit of a symbol around here this fall and winter. our kitten we named acorn. and then we embarked on many acorny projects. we had acorns on the brain, i guess!

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