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Friday, February 12, 2010


comforted and binky-free!

there have been some big shifts around here lately. the biggest of which, i think, would have to be that after 5+ years, my son has finally learned to sleep without his "binky." yes. 5 years old.
there have been many bouts of parental guilt over his ever even having one to begin with. and over the years we tried to break him free of it, but we never could/did. he was attached and quite emotional about the whole idea of not using it. to him, "binky" was a friend.
when his sister was born, we toiled over whether or not to give her one. we eventually did. and then began to wonder if she was headed down the same 5 year path. so, all in one swoop (just about) we said goodbye to their "friends."
for him it was very hard. very sad. emotional. but he got over it quickly. lots of snuggies from mom and dad. lots of back scratches, songs and stories and he's pretty over it. for her, it was less emotional, but she is still struggling with learning how to sleep without it.

we decided we needed to celebrate. so last weekend we took them out for ice cream. OUT. which is much different than eating ben and jerry's at home. we told them we were celebrating. we said very little. not wanting to re-hash it all, we told them we were celebrating that they had both learned to sleep without a binky. bb's teacher advised us to not praise a lot or dwell on how hard it was, but to acknowledge it and celebrate it. and we did. they were out of their heads to be out having ice cream!
when we got home we presented them each with a new down comforter. we got sunny, yellow covers for them on which i appliqued their initials. to make them snazzier and more special.

it seemed appropriate to give them something new to sleep with now that they no longer slept with the comfort of the binky. now they sleep in the coziest of cozy beds!
and my relationship with the binky comes to an end as well. a friend and a foe all at once! i thanked God for it at times and cursed it at others (o, how i hated the times they had stuffy, drippy noses, but still wanted to sleep with a binky!) and i have to say, though i have beat myself up about it, i do feel like they helped me be a better parent. and now... i'm happy to see them go!

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Blogger Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

What sweet fotos...

Que Magnifigue este...bravo!!!!


February 13, 2010 at 2:17 PM  

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