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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


snow day! er, sorta....

well, we woke up today to not a one snow flake on the ground. and 2 voice mail messages saying schools were closed. it's now after 1pm and . . . not much has fallen.
but we are not ones to waste a perfectly good "snow" day. so, we began with homemade waffles!
seemed like the right thing to do.

i love it when we get a sunday in the middle of the week. hubby is a teacher, so we were all home today. in the kitchen. bacon on the griddle. coffee brewing. aprons on and mixing up the batter. the kids love it love it love it when we are all home together and making a meal. it's the best of family togetherness.
now, if the snow fall could speed up just a *little* bit and cover some of the grass patches that have come through our hill, we could all go sledding!

how are you keeping cozy today?

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