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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


needle felting project :: pumpkin mouse house!

my kids are super-lucky on the grandparent front. one of their grammies is a Waldorf kindergarten teacher. she is always there for us to bounce ideas off of whether it comes to parenting or school choices or creative projects.
this fall she gave BB a little kit for creating a pumpkin mouse house. he was delighted, but a little unsure of how to begin such a project. so, we decided that a little at a time was the best approach. and i was a little wary of him wielding a felting needle!

she gave us some delicious orange felt pre-cut to the pumpkin shape. he started by needling on the stem and some vines and leaves.
she had cut a little door in it already and a tiny little opening that we decided must be for any "mouse mail" to come along.

next we started to sew it together. the purple strips become the sides of the house.
before doing the back panel, BB decided there was more decorating to do, so he made this flower. all on his own!

it took many days of sewing, but he sewed the entire thing up himself. only receiving my help if he got stuck or needed more thread. after it was done i made him a tiny pumpkin to go inside and he made this little white mouse with yellow eyes.
this gift was such a treat because it was a great way for us to work together on something. i loved the coming and going from it that we did. each time he sunk a little deeper into it. the rhythm of the needle sewing one stitch at a time. he can tend to be in a hurry a lot, so this was nice pace.
one day i was doing some embroidery. he was sewing. and little CM was coloring. it was quiet as we were all so busy. and he said,"isn't this so nice? we're all together, but working on our own things."
it was. we watched the snow fall, drank Inka and it was a perfect moment.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


valentine hearts

well, it's Valentine's Day weekend and we are at home. . . we were supposed to be on our way to Vermont to visit family, but alas the Car Gods were not on our side. both of our old, but sturdy cars are in the shop. so here we sit.

having no expectations of needing a good valentiney crafty activity, i had nothing planned. thank you to SouleMama for this idea! paper hearts. cut up paper bags. paint. brilliant. easy. on hand.
we even happen to have a plethora of stamps on hand. we might actually mail some valentines this year! imagine that.
happy love-filled weekend to you. . . if you are out there. . . if i have any readers left. . .
may you eat chocolate and receive many a hug!


Friday, February 12, 2010


comforted and binky-free!

there have been some big shifts around here lately. the biggest of which, i think, would have to be that after 5+ years, my son has finally learned to sleep without his "binky." yes. 5 years old.
there have been many bouts of parental guilt over his ever even having one to begin with. and over the years we tried to break him free of it, but we never could/did. he was attached and quite emotional about the whole idea of not using it. to him, "binky" was a friend.
when his sister was born, we toiled over whether or not to give her one. we eventually did. and then began to wonder if she was headed down the same 5 year path. so, all in one swoop (just about) we said goodbye to their "friends."
for him it was very hard. very sad. emotional. but he got over it quickly. lots of snuggies from mom and dad. lots of back scratches, songs and stories and he's pretty over it. for her, it was less emotional, but she is still struggling with learning how to sleep without it.

we decided we needed to celebrate. so last weekend we took them out for ice cream. OUT. which is much different than eating ben and jerry's at home. we told them we were celebrating. we said very little. not wanting to re-hash it all, we told them we were celebrating that they had both learned to sleep without a binky. bb's teacher advised us to not praise a lot or dwell on how hard it was, but to acknowledge it and celebrate it. and we did. they were out of their heads to be out having ice cream!
when we got home we presented them each with a new down comforter. we got sunny, yellow covers for them on which i appliqued their initials. to make them snazzier and more special.

it seemed appropriate to give them something new to sleep with now that they no longer slept with the comfort of the binky. now they sleep in the coziest of cozy beds!
and my relationship with the binky comes to an end as well. a friend and a foe all at once! i thanked God for it at times and cursed it at others (o, how i hated the times they had stuffy, drippy noses, but still wanted to sleep with a binky!) and i have to say, though i have beat myself up about it, i do feel like they helped me be a better parent. and now... i'm happy to see them go!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Cookie Carnival :: the ride is over?

wow. it's been 2 years since i started the Carnival. we've baked up some really delicious stuff, haven't we? carrot cake cookies and blueberry drop cookies stand out for me when i think back

it's been a really fun time riding with you all and baking up all the deliciousness we've baked up, but i have to step back from it.

there's some things going on on home front that make it too hard for me to commit to any longer. nothing too serious. just life.

i thank each of you who have participated for making this little food blog event really fun and successful.

i'm happy to say that Tami of Tami's Kitchen Table Talk would like to take the Carnival over and keeping it rolling. And i hope to participate now and again, as well.

Tami should have a post up soon, so keep checking back if you are looking for info.

cheers and happy baking!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


snow day! er, sorta....

well, we woke up today to not a one snow flake on the ground. and 2 voice mail messages saying schools were closed. it's now after 1pm and . . . not much has fallen.
but we are not ones to waste a perfectly good "snow" day. so, we began with homemade waffles!
seemed like the right thing to do.

i love it when we get a sunday in the middle of the week. hubby is a teacher, so we were all home today. in the kitchen. bacon on the griddle. coffee brewing. aprons on and mixing up the batter. the kids love it love it love it when we are all home together and making a meal. it's the best of family togetherness.
now, if the snow fall could speed up just a *little* bit and cover some of the grass patches that have come through our hill, we could all go sledding!

how are you keeping cozy today?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


chowder & bread bowls

after seeing Garden Mama's post about her wonderful bread (thanks, GM!), we had to try it out. friday is soup day around here and by far the favorite soup is actually chowder. i know i have blogged about it before -- clam chowder, fish chowder--chowder of any kind pleases the boys and the girls can go either way, so we do up the chowder a lot. if we've really got our act together soup day is also bread day. because there is nothing like homemade bread and soup on a winter day, you know?
we had already been planning clam chowder, but then after seeing that post, we decided that bread bowls were something we MUST try!
after going to the cabinet to see what we had on hand, i realized we were out of all-purpose flour, so even though Garden Mama's recipe called for it, we used white-whole wheat, which i would have done anyway--for at least half of the all-purpose.

i have to say, we loved this bread! there are still a few little loaves in the freezer for this friday (i finally figured out that if i freeze bread, i don't have to make it every week! yes, i do catch on eventually). sadly the photos suffer from bad lighting. and cheap, old camera...but what can you do?

he couldn't wait to try the bread bowl. he had no idea what i was talking about, so it was fun to put it all together. and the chowder rocked, so dinner was slurped right up!

my boy's got some crazy-good knife skills, too! after all his years chopping veggies and apples at his Waldorf school, he's really quite helpful. he calls me his sous chef. classic.
what about you? got any wonderful soup or bread recipes you want to share?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


december rewind no. 7 {handmade holiday}

well, i tried to get these december rewind posts done by the end of january! i swear. but i couldn't make it happen. so here is the last of them and one of my favorite projects.

as you may know, i've been working my way through amanda soule's books. and so, for the holidays i made bedtime bags from her book The Creative Family. i made 3. one for each of my kids and another for my niece.

i loved putting these together. they were really simple and i picked out some sweet fabrics for them. i chose books for each of them and daydreamed about not having to pick pj's up off of the floor anymore. now they have a place to go!

for each i made flannel jammy pants. snowmen! soft, but no super high-quality. i'll spring for better flannel next time, but this time, i was just impressed with myself that i made THREE pairs of pants. and they all fit! a miracle!

so, thank you amanda for another great project! i'm happy to report that the kids use them, love them and my niece said when she saw it and the pants, "i'm starting to think my aunt is magical!"

doesn't get better than that!

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