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Wednesday, March 17, 2010



it's spring! yay!

we've been doing lots of puddle play. mud mucking. and dragging out the kids gardening tools and bikes. it's been truly celebratory!

i've not been posting because i'm well, blogger hasn't been letting me. frust-er-ating. so, it's been quiet time over here at the Clean Plate Club.

but we will be in full bloom again before too long, i hope....

until then, enjoy the sun and the green!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i heart alice waters

i have been trying to post for a week now. blogger is giving me trouble and i can't upload photos! boo!!! i'm looking to switch over to wordpress and re-vamp the blog a bit and my dedication to it, what i want to post about, etc.
if anyone is still out there now you know what is going on here the CPC!
in the meantime. . .
do you love Alice Waters? oh my. i have been reading The Art of Simple Food and just loving it. i love everything about her and what she stands for. i am gearing up for a spring and summer dedication to eating locally produced foods from veg to dairy to meat and eggs. can i do it? with the prices get me down? can i pay more for quality meats, raised humanely and locally even tho it's twice as expensive as the meat we've been eating (organic, but not local)? can i suck it up and pay $5 a dozen for the local eggs? this is what i ask myself. money is tight, but what's more important here? health. taste. supporting my community. mmmm....

i'm looking forward to a delicious season. come on in, spring!

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