The New Start

You have to be an optimist to plant a garden, right? Maybe. But you do have to be an optimist to keep on gardening. Murphy’s law thrives in the garden, and so do cucumber beetles, slugs, groundhogs and late blight. Maybe you just need to be a realist and keep a copy of the “Serenity Prayer” handy at all times.

This is my third year of vegetable gardening at our house in downtown Frederick. We have a small city lot—long and narrow. I’ve had some success with the garden, but this year I’m getting serious. This year is gonna be different. I’ve got a plan that I’m going to stick to (not fall apart by mid-season and let the garden get away from me.)

Plus, this year I’m going to blog about the experience. Why, you may ask? Three reasons:

  1. It’ll keep me honest. There’s nothing like an audience to keep you weeding through the humid, mosquito-infested days of August.
  2. It’ll give me a new place to talk about my garden. My friends at work have begun hiding from me whenever I mention seedlings or last frost dates.
  3. It’ll be fun. I’ve watched my husband have a lot of fun with his blog, and I want to join in. Fair warning, I’m not as witty as he is, but we think alike and I’m not above stealing borrowing building on his ideas.

So come along for the ride and we’ll get growing, and hopefully harvesting and eating.