May is Here! Already?

This year I’m trying something new. No. 1 Son loves strawberries, so I thought it would be nice to try growing some in the garden. I did a little research and found out that there are two types of strawberries: day neutral and June-bearing. June-bearing strawberries have one big harvest in the late spring and put out a lot of runners. This is the kind most growers use. Day-neutral berries continue to bear throughout the summer. I decided to try the day-neutral type so I can have a long harvest.

Since the fine folks were kind enough to send me a big color catalog this year, I ordered 25 plants from them. I chose Mara Des Bois, a French berry that was “perfect for containers or raised beds.” The company processed my order and sent me an email to confirm that they would ship the plants “in a dormant state” based on my zone (which is 6).

So a month went by… and then I got an email saying that my plants had shipped. Yay! The next day there was an envelope on my porch. Hmmm. I thought it would be bigger. I opened the envelope. This is what I saw. I’m a little concerned. Plus, there are no planting directions. Uh oh. I checked the website, but couldn’t find anything. I called the customer service line and a very helpful woman emailed me a pdf with the planting instructions. Yay! Back on track.

I planted them and they looked like this. I planted some in the Earthbox, some in the raised bed and gave some to my friend. Just 5 days later, they were sprouting leaves. Now, three weeks later, they look like this. So far, so good.

Barring slugs, snails and bird attacks, I can almost taste the shortcakes!