Sticky icky Buns

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! I would bet a pretty large proportion of us are Moms. And frankly, this wasn’t the best week to try to fit in a complicated multi-step breakfast pastry. I almost decided to skip this recipe.

But then three things happened. First, I noticed that Suzy contributed this recipe. She’s one of my favorite chefs and cookbook authors. I have 3 or 4 cookbooks from her. Second, I had some really bad cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning. They came from a can, ’nuff said. Third, it rained today. I love to bake when it rains. We’re stuck inside anyway, why not crank up the oven?

So, what can I tell you about this recipe that wasn’t written in the book? First off, they’re delicious. Yes, they are an all-day affair. But they are worth it. Every tender, decadent, buttery bite will make you happy. I promise.

The recipe mentioned that your mixer will get hot during the long kneading process. It didn’t mention that your mixer might walk across the counter. It will. You can either stay next to the mixer during the whole time or you can use an “alarm” like I do. Put a metal measuring cup or spoon in front of your mixer. That way, when the appliance starts to “walk” across the counter, it’ll knock the cup off the counter, alerting you that your mixer is in danger of dancing off the counter’s edge.

Another bonus of this recipe: you have the option to make one pan of sticky buns and one cute little loaf of brioche. This loaf will make killer french toast or you can save it to make bread pudding. Want to bake half into a loaf of bread? Just look at the recipe right in front of the sticky buns for directions. Want to try this project?