Your Guide to Rustic Potato Loaves

Hi, everybody. Our local baseball team, had an “open stadium” on Saturday. We went out for the free hot dogs, easter egg hunt and general merriment. As you can see, our son was less-than thrilled to be posing. I think he was a little afraid of him. Since this outing was unplanned (a friend texted us that morning to tell me about it), it could’ve messed up my bread-baking plan. But this recipe was great for a busy day, since it’s a super-quick yeast loaf. I followed the directions down to the minute and I got big, beautiful loaves.

This recipe is very well written. Trust the recipe! The authors went out of their way to explain what would happen. This dough goes from crumbly and yucky to smooth and silky in about 11 minutes. Not to get geeky, but it’s pretty amazing. I guess the water from the potatoes takes some time to incorporate into the dough.

he rising times are really fast. This dough doesn’t fool around. You shape the dough (which takes no time at all) and let it rise again for just 20 minutes. It bakes up golden brown and beautiful. And I made it to the ballpark in time to enjoy my free hot dog! We ate the first loaf with dinner that night, and the second loaf went in the freezer for later. This is my favorite bread recipe so far. This one’s a keeper at my house. I can’t wait to make sandwiches with it! What did you guys think?