Picking the Peas

My good friend Jessica mentioned to me that there has been very little actual gardening in my “gardening blog”. Even though I’m not doing a lot of writing, I am doing a lot of growing. Here’s a progress report.

It’s been a strange year. Everything is late. We harvested kale, radishes, broccoli, and peas two weeks ago for a big garden dinner. These are supposed to be spring vegetables, but they weren’t ready until the last week of May.

We just picked the last of the peas and radishes last night. We had a nice Father’s Day meal of steaks, baked potatoes and fresh peas (just a little butter, salt and pepper on these). The guys helped me shell peas while I manned the grill. This was the last of the peas. The vines are drying out in the heat.

The last two “spring” veggies that are still going are my carrots and “little gem” lettuce. I love my bright orange grow bag. Thank you, Gardener’s! A rabbit has been visiting the garden regularly. He chewed the other carrot tops down to the ground, but he can’t reach the ones in the grow bag. I think it’s strange that he hasn’t bothered the other plants, but I’m not complaining. The little gem lettuce is in partial shade, so I think that’s allowing it to survive the heat. I bought a straw bale to use as mulch. I just haven’t gotten out there to spread it around. Maybe this evening…

That’s what we’re eating right now. The kale is still going strong and we’ve just started harvesting beets. The green onions will be ready any day now. Tomatoes, peppers, brussels sprouts and green beans are still weeks away. I promise I’ll post more pictures soon.