Yummy Blueberry Muffins

I can’t believe the summer is over! Of course, the weather will still be hot and our son went back to school two weeks ago. But Labor Day is the OFFICIAL end of summer—no more casual dress at work, the pools are closed and no more white shoes (At least for this girl. Wear whatever makes you happy. Except pajama pants in public. C’mon, people.)

These muffins were the perfect lazy Saturday morning treat. They were not too sweet and not too difficult. As promised, they were light and delicate the first day. The next morning, we toasted them and spread them with butter. Still good. By Monday morning though, they were showing their age. The recipe makes 18. I should’ve frozen some of them the first day.

If I had any complaints about the recipe, it was that the berries sank to the bottom even after tossing them with flour. It may have been because I used frozen berries. Of course, my son claimed that he didn’t like them. He ate half of one. Paps and I both liked them a lot. If you would like to make them, the recipe is here. There are also some lovely pictures (much nicer than mine.)