Pumpernickel Bread without Caraway Seeds

Hi everyone! I’m back after a break. Fall is always really busy for us. What did you guys think of the bread? My husband and I loved it, but my picky son didn’t like it. On the plus side, he did give it a fair try AND he’s getting more polite about expressing his feelings. Instead of “YUCK!” I heard, “I don’t care for this bread, Mommy.” That’s a win in my book.

I made the full recipe. I did leave out the caraway seeds (we’re caraway-haters at my house) and I used apple butter instead of prune lekvar. I don’t think my bread tasted “apple-y”. I started the bread in my mixer, but it kept crawling up the dough hook. I had to finish kneading it by hand.

The dough was easy to handle, probably because there was butter and shortening in it. Thanks to 5.5 teaspoons of yeast, it was a fast riser. I didn’t bother with the sling. It looked like an interesting way to proof the dough, but I had visions of the towels giving way and dumping my half-risen loaves on the floor!

They baked up plump and dark and shiny. It’s good with just butter, but I’ve been thinking of Reuben Sandwiches. We’re getting corned beef for tonight. What did you guys think of the bread?