Update on the Garden

“So, do you actually still have a garden?”

That’s what my faithful readers would be asking, if I had any faithful readers. It’s hard to tell from my blog, since I’ve been doing lots of Baking with Dorie and not much updating about the garden.

I DO still have a garden. It’s doing pretty well, despite the ridiculous heat. Hey Global Warming Agnostics, where are your snappy comebacks now? I’ve been using soaker hoses under straw mulch, which seems to be working pretty well. The Earth Boxes are made for this kind of weather, the plants in those are thriving. So, would you like to see some pictures?

These tomatoes are in an Earthbox. They’ll do great, as long as I remember to water them.) The only downside to Earthboxes is that natural rain doesn’t really reach it. The rosemary on the right (with a little lavender peeking up in the middle) is in the ground. They’ve practically taken over the whole bed. Rosemary and lavender are Mediterranean herbs, so they are loving the heat.

Clockwise from the top left, we’ve got lavender, sweet cherry stuffer pepper, Lacinato kale, and mixed red and golden beets . They’re all doing pretty well. I just planted the pole beans and basil. I’m really late this year with those. Hopefully, I’ll still get a pretty good harvest.

What about onions? I’ve already brought in the leeks. They’re keeping pretty well in the fridge. I’ve got lots of green onions. I’m pulling them as I need them. Plus the chives are going crazy. I have to keep pulling them out of the cracks in the sidewalk.

How is your garden growing?