Stop over for a Popover

Hi everybody! It’s been a crazy summer. We’ve been super busy, and also on a diet (both me and my husband), so nobody at my house wanted pies around. I am bummed that I missed the semolina loaves. I’ll be making those on my own in the next few weeks.

We’re doing popovers this week. Who doesn’t love popovers? Okay. There are probably a few people who’ve never had them. They’re kind of the soufflé of the bread world. The recipe is pretty basic. Flour, milk, salt, eggs and butter. Got that in your kitchen? Then you’re all set.

First, bring them all to room temperature (except for the butter, which you melt.) Why are my eggs taking a bath? They’re floating in warm water to bring them to room temperature faster.

Put everything in a blender, and whirl until smooth. (Check out my cool vintage Osterizer. My Mom gave me her blender. It’s older than I am.) The recipe says to “strain the batter if it is at all lumpy.” Mine didn’t look lumpy, but I strained it anyway. It WAS lumpy. I let my batter sit for 15 minutes. Our recipe didn’t say to, but most other popover recipes recommend it. I don’t know if it made a difference or not.

I measured out a third of a cup into each custard ramekin, but only had enough batter for 6 popovers. I’m not sure what happened. I left two plain, added chopped rosemary to two, and thyme to the other two. The herb garden is overflowing this time of year. It’s all I can do not to put herbs into everything!

I put them in and let them bake for 25 minutes. No peeking! Then, I turned the oven down to 350° and baked them for an additional 15 minutes. When they came out, they looked like this. Nice, hunh?

They tasted as good as they looked. The rosemary ones were my favorite. I’ll have to try it again with other herbs. How about basil, tarragon or chives? Or oregano or marjoram? This recipe is a keeper.