I’m a Southern girl, living, cooking and trying to avoid crazy people in the epicenter of political influence. I was warned when I moved out here that the people here aren’t friendly. Imagine my surprise when I found that to be utterly false. I have made some great friends in this city and can truly say I have found my home.

While I am still a champion of eating fresh, local and in season foods, over the last few months, my first love of baking has taken a more dominant stage in my life. So, with an apron covered in flour and a sweaty brow, I’m dipping my toe back into the world of baking!

My heart has always been in baking but I’ve never had the nerve to make it a career. Inspired by some amazing bakers in the world, I’ve decided to try and up my baking game. And I’m inviting you along for all the learning, laughing, crying and shrieks of joy (or of pain) that I’m sure this adventure will bring. I have books, I have inspiration and I have a helluva lot of sugar!

Feel free to contact me to share recipes, ideas, tips, events and information or to just point out that I’m rambling yet again!

I love food…I love you…I write about both…enough said.